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For everyday care of your countertops, we recommend using warm water and a cloth. For more substantial spills, use a non-abrasive kitchen cleaner. General-purpose sprays are suitable as long as they are non-caustic and bleach-free. We do not recommend the use of vinegar or bathroom cleaners on natural stone.

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It is very important to clean up spills quickly. Even with sealed countertops, staining and etching are possible if acidic substances are left in contact for prolonged periods. Different stones are more susceptible than others to staining. Marble, Onyx, and Limestone are very porous stones and are more likely to stain and etch. Liquids like red wine and tomato juice can stain light color stones (even when sealed!) if left on the countertop for long periods. Use caution and common sense when handling these liquids in your space.

Etching happens when acidic liquids react with the minerals with the stone. This acid degrades the polish and the finish, wearing down the surface. Often they are seen as rings from wet glasses left on the surface too long. Lemons, soda, tomatoes, and even pickles can leave acid on the counter and begin a reaction if left untreated. Use care when dealing with acidic foodstuffs on natural stone.

Do not use abrasive cleaners on natural stone. Abrasive cleaners will dull the polish on your stone and detract from its natural beauty. Do not use Soft Scrub, Comet, Ajax, or any other dry products. These are capable of destroying the polish and damaging your stone. Do not use Scotch Brite or any other scouring pads with aluminum oxide in it. These will scratch the stone.

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Maestro Surfaces recommends having natural stone countertops sealed once a year. Many home improvement retailers carry quality sealant that is acceptable for use on our natural stone.

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